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May 11, 2015

Android-Sync helps Galaxy S6 users sync to Outlook

The recently released Samsung Galaxy S6 is receiving high praise from professional reviewers, and has driven very impressive sales results so far. However, one area where the device seems to let its users down is in syncing with desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook. Now, a new software offering has been announced that aims to provide users with the Galaxy S6 Outlook sync option they have lacked up until now.

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With Android-Sync, a Windows software application, Galaxy S6 users can effortlessly sync their Outlook contacts and calendars with their mobile devices. Like most Android devices, Galaxy S6 does not come with the ability to sync with Outlook out of the box. In a world where people are increasingly mobile, spending more of their time on their smartphones and less time at traditional workstations, expecting users to wait until they are in front of a computer screen to look up a contact or check their calendar is unrealistic. Android-Sync aims to address this oversight by bringing together one of the newest and most technologically advanced mobile devices with one of the most trusted and widely used personal information management applications.

Everything about Android-Sync is designed to make the process of connecting the Galaxy S6 with Outlook as seamless as possible. By using the Galaxy S6’s native calendar and contacts applications, Android-Sync ensures that the process of accessing synced data on the S6 feels no different from accessing data that was entered into the device directly.

In an era where keeping personal information safe is increasingly important—and increasingly challenging—Galaxy S6 users will also want to know that their information is not being put at risk during the syncing process. Android-Sync comes through in this regard, as it operates using a completely cloudless syncing process. Users simply connect their S6 directly to their PC, and their information syncs without ever leaving leaving the secure USB connection.

In addition, any Galaxy S6 syncing solution needs to be reliable. Users depend on their entries to be both complete and accurate. Android-Sync excels here as well, by ensuring that no information is ever cut off during the syncing process, even for very long entries.

For Galaxy S6 owners who want to transform their devices into a serious tool for staying connected and getting things done, Android-Sync is an absolute must-have.